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Building Secure Medical Applications in Azure

I had the opportunity to present with David Carter at Microsoft Ignite NZ 2016 on a recent project I've been working on at Stratos Technology Partners.

It takes a lot of preparation to create a presentation, and with this we wanted to come up with something meaty enough for developers, yet high level enough to be accessible regardless of skill level.

As a result, there's a few hand-drawn diagrams and explanations ... which seemed to go down really well. We got some great feedback and had a blast actually being up there on stage.

So what did we cover?

  • How to use Azure Active Directory with in an AngularJs application - The process and what pitfalls to watch for.
  • Using the user's identity to protect data at the lowest level using Row Level Security feature of SQL Server Azure/2016
  • The process which Azure Key Vault goes through when it is encrypting documents in blog storage (and how you don't need to do this manually yourself anymore!!)
  • Think about using a queuing mechanism for long running processes and how the HangFire library can help
  • And finally making UI form creation easier and consistent using Angular Formly.

See, it was a good talk :)